Sister City  Marlborough


Since 1981, people from Tendo have been visiting New Zealand in order to learn more about various farming methods. New Zealand has also always been a popular destination for Japanese tourists.

Farmers from Tendo visited Marlborough

In 1989, a group of farmers from Tendo visited Marlborough and it was from this meeting that a Sister City Relationship was established. Since then there have been various exchanges between the two cities, such as home stays and group trips. In 2000, a group of sixty people from Tendo visited Marlborough, all thoroughly enjoying themselves. They were all very appreciative of the way in which they were so warmly welcomed by the  people of Marlborough.  

Junior High School Students

Every year four junior high school students and one teacher from Tendo visit Marlborough for home stays, during which time they go to school and experience life as 'Kiwis'. 2001 marks the eleventh time these home stay exchanges have taken place and all who have taken part in them have said they have had wonderful experiences and have made friends for life.

Marostica Sister Cities Marlborough
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