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Gunyakusho Museum

Kakuchigakusha This Private School was opened by Chikuun Motozawa, a Confucionist from the Meiji Period.
Dewazakura Art Museum Numerous examples of Korean pottery and handicrafts are preserved here.
Tendo City Art Museum A collection of  a famous Tendo Artists' work, Chuichi Konno, as well as various other artist's work can be seen here.
Hiroshige Museum of Art A collection of  impressive Ukiyoe (Wood-Block) prints by the famous Utagawa Hiroshige.
Gokurakuen Museum A Traditional Japanese Garden developed at the beginning of the Showa period.
Jakushoji Temple Established in 708 A.D. it has status as a National Important Cultural Asset.
Higashimurayama Gunyakusho Museum Cultural Asset of Yamagata Prefecture built in 1879.
Tendo Shogi Museum How the pieces are produced, numerous examples and Shogi's history can be seen here.
Arsbel Museum Automatic Musical Instruments from around the world can be seen and heard here.

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